Walk Like This

beach wading - 1

When people say they love to walk on the beach, I take their comment literally. Walking on the beach is just walking for them. Walking on the beach is slow and immersive for me, but perhaps walking is the wrong term.  Continue reading “Walk Like This”


Glow in the Dark

beach-walkerDescribing bioluminescence with words is like holding water in your hands — insufficient. Descriptions abound: the glowing trails streaming behind a boat, the “fairy dust” surrounding a midnight swimmer. These aren’t bad analogies, but they’re all a form of shorthand, the inevitable result of attempting to capture such a magical experience in writing. It’s what happens when someone mentions a beautiful sunrise; it’s assumed that the listener already understands what the experience is all about.  Read the rest across the jump at ThreeSheetsNW.

Tearing it Apart

whale tail

If you’re going to send a wooden whale on a migration, you need a vessel to send it in; so I designed a box. A few weeks later, Andy stepped up and said he wanted to help make it. Andy’s pretty handy with wood, and easily creates things with basic tools that I never could, so I thanked him for his offer. It would be fun to build the box with someone else.  Continue reading “Tearing it Apart”