My Writer

I don’t really know Ursula LeGuin, but she’s my writer. I know a lot about her in the same way that a sports fan knows about his team.  Continue reading “My Writer”


Sea Reads: The Summer Book

island - 1 (1)

Tove Jansson spent dozens of summers in the Pellinge Archipelago of Finland. Her cottage had windows facing the four cardinal directions, “so we can see what may come sailing along and have time to get used to it.”

She distilled the essence of those summers into a series of dream-like vignettes in The Summer Book, which was published in 1972. Much like a good cruise in a small boat, nothing really happens, yet the tales, which focus on the fictional, six-year old Sophia and her grandmother (who is never given a proper name), drew me in.  Continue reading “Sea Reads: The Summer Book”

Scarry Drawings

scarry-boat-sink.jpgAlthough many Americans have fond childhood memories of the comical drawings in the Busytown books, I don’t think I saw a Richard Scarry illustration until fifteen years ago when my kids were old enough to appreciate them. At first I just thought the drawings were funny, but the more I read the books, the more I was convinced that Scarry was a highly creative artist.

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Writing Elsewhere

bill sailsI penned an article for big boaters to consider the virtues of small boat camp-cruising on the Cascadia Marine Trail.

I also wrote my first article for Small Boats Monthly, a subscription-based, on-line journal from Woodenboat.

And there’s a funny story about building a boat in a basement that I had published in the last issue of Small Craft Advisor.

As for other people’s writing, there are several blogs about a life well considered that I recommend you check out: Sauvie Island Journal details observations from a houseboat and small boats right at the intersection of my two local rivers. Then there’s From Pine to Palm, which is all over the place, but has a boat undercurrent solidly grounding it. Last is Wayward Spark, about modern day, back-to-the-landers who seem to balance their iphones easily with beekeeping here in Oregon.