Messing About with Merry

messing about - 6

It can be hard to get a teenager out of the house at times, but when you do, the results can be quite good. Case in point: When the Columbia was roaring along during the spring freshet I convinced Merry to come mess about in the backwaters of Smith and Bybee Wetlands.   Continue reading “Messing About with Merry”


The Flavor of Friendship

b and kI was three days out from port when my water jug sprang a leak.  Aside from the puddle in the bottom of my boat, it didn’t seem like a big deal- but it could be in a few days.  As I contemplated my repair options, Charlie and Alice, kayakers who I’d met just the previous night, insisted that I take theirs.  Continue reading “The Flavor of Friendship”

Blown Out

windy row

“Hey- are you going sailing today?” Andy Bike joked as we stared out the window, watching the trees beyond his rain splattered deck bend and whip threateningly in the wind.  “Only if there’s enough wind to put the third reef in the sail,” I said with a smile.  Then we turned to devour the leisurely brunch we’d just prepared with our families.    Continue reading “Blown Out”