Party Time

crows - 1.jpg

The party is almost over. Since late fall, there’s been a raucous gathering each night in downtown Portland… and man is it loud. Come daylight, the sidewalks are a mess, the revelers are starting to disperse, and for us early risers who experience the aftermath, it’s not a pretty scene.  Continue reading “Party Time”


Winter Housekeeping

bridge and riverComing up on Terrapin Tales over the next few weeks will be a mini series about the many moods of the Columbia River. The first in the series will start this week.

And despite all the distractions available to you on the web, real paper magazines still exist! I’ve had a few articles published recently in Small Craft Advisor including one about rounding Cape Horn and another about boating with kids. You can find this magazine at many chandleries and some of the big box marine stores too. I have yet to grace the pages of WoodenBoat, but I have a bunch of recent issues. If you want them (free), contact me about pick up options.

Last off, I’m starting a Portland area small boat messabout listserv. When I come up with a really clever name, I’ll put the word out here. If you think of something before I do, drop me a line.

New Year’s Sailing: Columbia River Style

new years on Columbia

On the first sunny day in the new year the thermometer seemed reluctant to move above 36 degrees, so I assembled my arctic boating gear: booties to keep my feet warm, foulies just in case, an extra wool shirt and pair of fleece pants, should I get submerged and suddenly need something warm and dry.

Continued after the jump at Three Sheets NW.