Rounding Cape Horn Again

cape horn - 1.jpg

Bill is one of those friends always up for an adventure. After a fine dinner with him last night, I was reminded of a story from a few months ago… It’s 27 degrees outside, and although I yearn to go sailing, it doesn’t seem like the wisest idea. But maybe I should reconsider. After all, on at least one of the occasions Bill and I rounded Cape Horn together, the waterfalls were frozen; so it must have been pretty cold then, too. That day, like many others, we were driven by unknowable forces to leave the couch, break away from our electronics and experience the raw elements.  Read the rest across the jump at Three Sheets NW.

Go East


At least once every year my biking buddies and I end up on the dry side of Oregon. We drive from the wet Willamette Valley to ride on those rolling, grassy hills in the central part of our state. It takes a couple of hours to get there and back, but we do it willingly.

If Portlanders consider the dry side at all, they don’t think anything is in central Oregon. If you press them, they may mention that they passed through there or that people grow wheat there, but few, if anyone has actually set foot there. So why do we go?   Continue reading “Go East”