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It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with the Story Migration Project. Recall, the whale made it Olympia, Wa., then east to the Methow Valley near the Canadian border. About a year later, it headed to Port Townsend, Wa., then to Seattle where is last came up for air and was rumored to be heading south.  Continue reading “Fishing…”


Nerding Out


Although there are plenty of diversions, this is essentially a boat blog. I’m definitely more of a sailor than a builder, but clearly some of the rest of you aren’t. The most consistently popular page on the website isn’t the story about sponges (its had mixed reviews, but I think is hilarious), nor was it about my desire for better souvenirs (which got a lot of comments, but not many readers), nor was it any other post on bicycles

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Sea Reads: The Summer Book

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Tove Jansson spent dozens of summers in the Pellinge Archipelago of Finland. Her cottage had windows facing the four cardinal directions, “so we can see what may come sailing along and have time to get used to it.”

She distilled the essence of those summers into a series of dream-like vignettes in The Summer Book, which was published in 1972. Much like a good cruise in a small boat, nothing really happens, yet the tales, which focus on the fictional, six-year old Sophia and her grandmother (who is never given a proper name), drew me in.  Continue reading “Sea Reads: The Summer Book”

Falling for Fall

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Spring is the season of hope. You wake up and it might be rainy. Better, it could be a day with blazing sunshine. It could rain, hail, or snow. Or all three in the course of an hour. It could be windy and bitter cold, but not for long. The one sure thing about spring in the northwest is that it will be variable. Each day brings the promise that the next one will be a little longer and the weather will be a little better than the last.  Continue reading “Falling for Fall”