A Little Luck

gorge fall 2017 - 1

There’s a time in the late fall when it hasn’t rained for a while and the Columbia River gets low. Really low. Most boaters have called it a season, but there are still some fine days left if you watch for the right weather window.  Continue reading “A Little Luck”


Blue Friday

Friday - 1

Fifteen sailboats, one motor yacht, one trawler. Those were the only boats I saw on the Columbia, today, the day after Thanksgiving. Force 3 wind. One dumb guy (me) with just oars. No lines. No shopping. Fantastic.

Tale of Terrapin


“I thought you loved that boat,” my wife said when I mentioned that I was thinking of selling Terrapin.

“When I looked in her log book, I realized that I haven’t rowed her since April.”

My wife looked on, still surprised.

“And, Terrapin is a great boat, but she’s not the most comfortable thing to sit in for long periods of time,” I noted.  Continue reading “Tale of Terrapin”

In the League

j columbia_2
If you want to feel like you’re a crew member of the Star Trek Enterprise, get yourself a strangely colored dry suit and go for it.

It would be keen if more people were asking me what’s happening with the Portland Sail & Oar League, because when we get together, we have a darn good time. More members means more fun. PSOL has no official leadership structure, no dues, and if we have rules, they are as follows:

Continue reading “In the League”