Blue Friday

Friday - 1

Fifteen sailboats, one motor yacht, one trawler. Those were the only boats I saw on the Columbia, today, the day after Thanksgiving. Force 3 wind. One dumb guy (me) with just oars. No lines. No shopping. Fantastic.


Tale of Terrapin


“I thought you loved that boat,” my wife said when I mentioned that I was thinking of selling Terrapin.

“When I looked in her log book, I realized that I haven’t rowed her since April.”

My wife looked on, still surprised.

“And, Terrapin is a great boat, but she’s not the most comfortable thing to sit in for long periods of time,” I noted.  Continue reading “Tale of Terrapin”

In the League

j columbia_2
If you want to feel like you’re a crew member of the Star Trek Enterprise, get yourself a strangely colored dry suit and go for it.

It would be keen if more people were asking me what’s happening with the Portland Sail & Oar League, because when we get together, we have a darn good time. More members means more fun. PSOL has no official leadership structure, no dues, and if we have rules, they are as follows:

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Columbia on My Mind

13 boys and boat

The Lower Columbia River has been getting a slow, but sure grip on my imagination lately and I find myself wanting to explore it more and more. A combination of good wind, big water, few boats, fewer yahoos, some interesting, but not too busy towns, and a quiet backwater to explore or spend the night are the components of my ideal cruising grounds. Throw in the challenge of tides and currents as well as close proximity to my house and the Columbia is where you’ll find me.

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