Going, Going…

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You might have read about the panacea of easy living, good food, and green living know as Portland, Oregon. Everything you’ve read is true and it’s also a falsehood. Especially that statement about it being the place where young people go to retire…  Continue reading “Going, Going…”


Shoreside Architecture

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One of the reasons that I love small boats is that they allow me to hover at the edge between land and sea. Along that fine line is where the beauty of the land creeps down and shakes hands with the richness of the water. When I’m cruising far from town, that shoreline is mostly rocks, grasses, and trees, but when I’m in the more populated areas, houses become more common and I can’t help but observe and comment about them.  Continue reading “Shoreside Architecture”

Blown Out

windy row

“Hey- are you going sailing today?” Andy Bike joked as we stared out the window, watching the trees beyond his rain splattered deck bend and whip threateningly in the wind.  “Only if there’s enough wind to put the third reef in the sail,” I said with a smile.  Then we turned to devour the leisurely brunch we’d just prepared with our families.    Continue reading “Blown Out”