Sailing My House

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I’m not a liveaboard. My house doesn’t float, it doesn’t overlook the water, nor does it look like any boat that I’ve ever seen, though it does have more small craft around it than any other in the neighborhood. There’s always one in the driveway. There’s usually one on the porch. And sometimes there’s one in the backyard too.  Continue reading “Sailing My House”


Boating is Fun

solstice cathlamet - 3

When I was in the teacher business, I’d go to conferences and people would wear these hilarious buttons that read things like “Math is Fun.” They didn’t don T-shirts saying ice cream is a tasty treat. And they didn’t smile.  Continue reading “Boating is Fun”

Opening Day is When I Say

opening day - 1

Most boaters in this hemisphere would say that opening day is sometime in the spring, likely the first weekend of May. For me though, opening day is a feeling more than a date. It’s the day that the low clouds and steady drizzle of winter part, the north wind blows, and you can actually feel the warmth of the sun.  Continue reading “Opening Day is When I Say”