Sea Reads: An Island Out of Time

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I was a foolish young man in 1996. That’s when Tom Horton, published An Island Out of Time. A Memoir of Smith Island in the Chesapeake, a fascinating book that documents the time he and his family lived on a tiny island full of locals.  Continue reading “Sea Reads: An Island Out of Time”


Sea Reads: In the Heart of the Sea


I wish I could tell you that the upcoming movie about a whale that destroys a ship was going to be great. And maybe it will be, as long as you haven’t read the book.

Continue reading “Sea Reads: In the Heart of the Sea”

Sea Reads: Shantyboat

I wonder if Harlan Hubbard knew the magical moment he captured when he wrote his detailed, tender story of drifting down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers in the 1940’s?  His journey was on a simple, self-made, flat-bottomed boat.  Hubbard’s book is a bit wordy for my taste, but it conveys the elegant simplicity with which he lived.  In that spirit, I present a haiku book summary:

Hubbard drifts with ease,

Makes art, gathers wild food,

Befriends most, lives small.

Sea Reads: The Sailor’s Classics Series

lone boatThe essential nature of sailing stories tend toward adventure rather than intellectual matters.  That’s not to say they aren’t interesting or worth reading, but aside from the complicated jargon, one might not think a guide to set you on your way would be useful.  Enter Jonathan Raban, an insightful Seattle-based writer and sailor.  Continue reading “Sea Reads: The Sailor’s Classics Series”

Reading Regatta

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Gentle Readers, while I won’t abandon you, I’ve been doing a little writing elsewhere.  Most has been at Three Sheets NW, a great and frequently updated website dedicated to all things boat in the Pacific NW, with a focus on the Salish Sea (ok, Puget Sound  for you oldsters).

I’m really proud of my article about marine debris.  There’s also an article I penned about my favorite river that you might enjoy.  Soon there will be a humorous piece about currents on the Columbia River.

Lastly, I’ve updated the Links I Like button at the top of the page.

Happy reading!