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Canada, prepare to be raided! Speed, hooting, and hollering are bound to occur, but no fear; northern waters will be free of the violence and destruction typically associated with the term. Read the rest across the jump at ThreeSheetsNW.


Shoreside Architecture

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One of the reasons that I love small boats is that they allow me to hover at the edge between land and sea. Along that fine line is where the beauty of the land creeps down and shakes hands with the richness of the water. When I’m cruising far from town, that shoreline is mostly rocks, grasses, and trees, but when I’m in the more populated areas, houses become more common and I can’t help but observe and comment about them.  Continue reading “Shoreside Architecture”

Rules, Resolutions and Varnishing in 2018

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I spent far too much time in 2017 applying toxic marine products to my boat. On sunny, breezy summer days, it was hard to avoid feeling like the best part of the season had escaped me: respirator strapped on, I felt like Darth Vader on a lonesome death star, rather than the cruiser I longed to be… (The rest of this article is an expansion of the one that appeared here in the summer and can be found across the jump at 3SNW.)

Sea Reads: The Summer Book

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Tove Jansson spent dozens of summers in the Pellinge Archipelago of Finland. Her cottage had windows facing the four cardinal directions, “so we can see what may come sailing along and have time to get used to it.”

She distilled the essence of those summers into a series of dream-like vignettes in The Summer Book, which was published in 1972. Much like a good cruise in a small boat, nothing really happens, yet the tales, which focus on the fictional, six-year old Sophia and her grandmother (who is never given a proper name), drew me in.  Continue reading “Sea Reads: The Summer Book”