Terrapin Tales

Musings from the land and waters



Terrapin Tales is all about adventures: culinary, bipedal, or intellectual, but mostly about human and wind powered boats.  I stick to boats a lot (after all, my wife can only hear so much about them, so I send my missives out to the world), but life is too interesting to stick to just one topic.  Art, life, bikes all creep in.

I’m based in Portland, Oregon.  The Willamette and Columbia Rivers are my main cruising grounds.

bike crew

While I’m not a big fan of building boats, I’m happy to talk about them.  Want to go sailing, rowing, or biking?  Drop me a line:

bruce.boat.blog at  gmail.com


Portland, Oregon

search terms: small boats, rowing, fixed seat, traditional, sailing, sail & oar, arctic tern, guideboat, wooden boat, wood, Portland, Oregon, Willamette, Columbia

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