Walk Like This

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When people say they love to walk on the beach, I take their comment literally. Walking on the beach is just walking for them. Walking on the beach is slow and immersive for me, but perhaps walking is the wrong term.  Continue reading “Walk Like This”



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I was recently in a coastal town that has a Freedom Festival on July 4th. The festivities included music, an airshow, a hot dog eating contest, and of course a fireworks display of made-in-China fireworks. It’s all good fun and tirelessly American.  Continue reading “Freedom!”

Product Review: Logs™

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A fellow can squeeze only so many items into a small boat for an overnight trip. Art supplies, sleeping bags, adult beverages, and warm clothes take up the bulk of my available space. But on arrival at a campsite, important gear may still be missing.  Enter one of the best and most useful  items to the small boater: Logs.   Continue reading “Product Review: Logs™”