Tale of Terrapin


“I thought you loved that boat,” my wife said when I mentioned that I was thinking of selling Terrapin.

“When I looked in her log book, I realized that I haven’t rowed her since April.”

My wife looked on, still surprised.

“And, Terrapin is a great boat, but she’s not the most comfortable thing to sit in for long periods of time,” I noted.  Continue reading “Tale of Terrapin”

To the Guy from Bend

The Adventuress under sail.

I apologize to the guy from Bend whom I didn’t talk to as long as I would have liked. And to the guy with the rowing boat from Morro Bay who I couldn’t find later. And for missing the capsize demo. And for skipping the great sail by. And I could go on.  Continue reading “To the Guy from Bend”

The Man and The Book

1harvey - 1

“It’s not exactly an impulse buy,” Harvey told me with a chuckle, when describing his new book, Kayaks of Alaska. I admit that it’s heavy and that maybe the average person wouldn’t buy a copy, but it’s well worth perusing and I’m not just saying that because Harvey is my friend. A big part of the appeal is visual.  Continue reading “The Man and The Book”