Another take on the South Salish…

Sometimes you get an idea in your head about the way things are. You remember the good, you forget or block out the bad. Sometimes a video can give you more perspective on an event than a single image, so when my son said he was going to make one of our father-son trip, I was excited to see a different angle on it.

I challenged him to capture the adventure using only one minute per day. Here’s how it turned out.

Must be present to win…

Version 2He said it wasn’t his favorite father-son trip ever, but I can’t think of a moment Merry didn’t enjoy it. There was the pleasantly difficult choice of what treat to get at the Bread Peddler. Great consideration was given to the buttery, rich coffee cake, flaky pastries were eyed, but in the end, a chocolate chip cookie “not quite as big as my head” was chosen and summarily dispatched with much lip licking.  He won’t admit it, but I think he even enjoyed the long row over glassy waters on our first day out.

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Cold Brew

Cold Brew - 1

Perhaps because I have a Y chromosome, I’m drawn to stare at the occupants of the small pink trailer each morning as I bike to work, but I like to think there’s more to it than that. Sitting at the edge of a parking lot on a prominent corner, a neon “open” sign flashes and light floods out of every window, so that on a dark morning, one’s eye wanders there whether you intend to look or not. Continue reading “Cold Brew”

My New Girlfriend

“She’s Swiss, and she’s older than me. He is besotted with her. Because she’s new and exciting, I guess, even if she was born in 1963. In bed last night, I couldn’t get through a paragraph in my book without him talking about her technique.”

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