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Portland Sail & Oar League

sail oar leauge

Attention seafarers, dreamers, and fools who love small craft and actually use them. The Portland Sail & Oar League is a randomly gathered network of nautical explorers who boat at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers. We sail, row, camp, fix boats, talk dirt, run aground, and have fun regardless of the weather. You may already be a member.

We have a listserv where you can post messages to league members. To join the listsev, just send an e-mail to: portland-sail-and-oar-league+subscribe@googlegroups.com Follow the instructions from there and you’ll be part of the group.

This is the place to post a question, invite people on a trip, ask for help, or announce that you’re heading out for a sail in an hour and ask if anyone wants to come.

Questions, contact me at bruce.boat.blog@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “Portland Sail & Oar League

  1. As soon as I finish my Steve Redmond Whisp, I would be happy to join you folks. It’s been abuilding for two years now, but recently took a bit of a spurt. So hopefully I will done by Spring.

  2. Hello – May I ask what are the boats in the picture above? They look great. I am guessing an Ian Oughtred Caledonia Yawl in the foreground and a Joel White Shearwater in the background? Thanks.

  3. I built my own Western York Boat (17’ double ended clinker) in 2007-09. I now live in NE Portland and sail mostly on the Columbia. You look like the kind of people I would like to get to know.

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