Work on the art show continues. I now see that the art is only a portion of the show.

I have done lots of preparation, but have few tangible results. For example, I spent most of Saturday working with Andy Bike to mill old cedar fence boards into frames that are consistent with the look of the diorama boxes. We made a lot of sawdust, cut most of the wood to length, even mitered most of it, but there are no frames in sight, no mounted paintings, just a pile of wood. Is there a word for all the prep, but none of the product?

It’s been a new sensation for me to really follow through on an art project. To have to consider framing, presentation, and the user experience is new. Usually, the making is enough for me. Simply taping stuff to Harvey’s windows really wouldn’t give things the full effect.

My usual method of creating is spontaneous, unplanned, and rarely refined. I’ve enjoyed the slower process of contemplating, trying stuff out, even making formal studies. That doesn’t mean the product always turns out perfectly, but the results are certainly more intentional.

This is the kind of work I thought I would be producing when I was out cruising in my boat, but I think it took time to ferment, to come to full ripeness. I am now being steadfast, applying myself to get things done before they over-ripen and the momentum passes me by.

The work continues, the pieces are becoming real. The presentation while not yet complete, is moving. Perhaps the word is patience.

See you on Lincoln Street in a few weeks.