Sew What: Learning to Love Sewing Machines


I used to squirm when people asked about the stitching on my little sailboat.  “Did you make that?” they’d ask, looking at the sails.

Yes, there’s a lot of canvas, cloth, leather, and Dacron sewing work on Row Bird, but I wasn’t entirely responsible for it.

“Well,” I’d always say, “if the stitches are straight, my friend Andy sewed it; if they’re crooked, I did.”

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Is it ever enough?


Forty one: that’s how many times I got out on the water in 2013. When I first reviewed my logs, I thought that was a pretty good record. It averages out to one boat trip every nine days…

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Columbia Magic


It was a doggone lazy day on the river. There was barely a tickle of wind, but given a sunny, 60 degree day in early November, Don thought it would be fun to launch his sailboat, Over Exposed, anyway. So Don’s girlfriend Molly, his dog Alexander, and I piled into the boat and Don motored us out onto the Columbia River.

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The Right Tool for the Job

snow pedal

Andy Bike and I like going on adventures and we especially enjoy doing so under our own power. No matter what mode of transportation we choose, I insist that it provides an experience you can’t get any other way. Continue reading

Something Fishy

funny fish

I could tell you that the creature pictured above is a pikeminnow. After all, most Pacific Northwesterners have never seen one, even though thousands of them are in our rivers. Heck, I’d never seen one until a few years ago and I’ve lived here for more than 15 years.  Continue reading

Do you want to race – to Alaska?


“It’s like the Iditarod on a boat with a chance of drowning, being run down by a freighter, or eaten by a grizzly bear.”

That’s how the Race to Alaska’s webpage describes this new event.

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