Green Sailor


I hadn’t been sailing in ages, it seemed. And I probably wouldn’t get out on the water anytime soon. Then an afternoon commitment fell through. The rain clouds cleared, but the wind remained, so I grabbed my youngest boy and headed to the river.  Continue reading



I’m lucky to have a nice bike that is impressively reliable, and for years my tires have been equally so. But starting about three months ago, my tire became decidedly unlucky.  Continue reading

Blues Boats

c est la vie

“Hiding out from humans.”

That’s my usual response when asked about plans for an upcoming holiday weekend. Most people are surprised: they know I love to go outdoors, preferably on my boat. Why aren’t I planning some adventure?  Read the rest of my story over at ThreeSheetsNW.

Sea Reads: Shantyboat

I wonder if Harlan Hubbard knew the magical moment he captured when he wrote his detailed, tender story of drifting down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers in the 1940’s?  His journey was on a simple, self-made, flat-bottomed boat.  Hubbard’s book is a bit wordy for my taste, but it conveys the elegant simplicity with which he lived.  In that spirit, I present a haiku book summary:

Hubbard drifts with ease,

Makes art, gathers wild food,

Befriends most, lives small.

What’s worse than a capsize?

kim swimsI used to be scared of capsizing my boat. The idea of being suddenly thrust into the chilly river worried me. I imagined my stuff floating away and the boat refusing to return upright or slowly sinking. All these thoughts are realistic, especially the detrimental effect of the cold water, but what I hadn’t given much thought to is something emotionally scarier.   Continue reading

The Slow Lane

boy exploring

What does it take to get a fourteen year old boy to try to catch a crab with a stick?

It’s not coercion or suggestion.

It’s time.  When you have the time to slow down and soak in a place, you can really relax and enjoy life.

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