If people had to assemble every part of their cars, I don’t think anyone would ever drive. I was lucky enough to get a wooden sailboat that some friends had mostly fixed up. But the devil is in the details and getting the boat to go from the basic form of a boat, to a fully set up cruising craft took a lot of parts. Sewing cushions, making functional storage, finding a working anchor, re-rigging and adjusting work that was done not quite right by the novice builder. I’m happy to say the through perseverance, late nights, and the help of Andy and Tim, the Chebacco is ready to cruise.

My First Mate and I are heading up to the San Juan Islands tomorrow for two weeks to see if being confined in a 19′ boat together is a good idea. And the boat has a slightly new name. We felt that for its transformation from a creation that mostly sat on a trailer to one that would be actively sailed we’d go from calling it Aluna to Luna.

See you on the water.